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Principles of Sustainability

Online price 95.00 per person , plus VAT.

This online course will give you 8 hours' CPD

On-line learning for those who want a good grounding in the key principles of sustainability

Details :

Sustainability is not just about being “green” – sustainability is fast becoming the key to reducing energy costs, meeting stakeholder needs, achieving business goals and staying ahead of the game.

All organisations are exposed to economic, environmental and social risks. Good sustainable practice strengthens brands and brings business benefit but poor environmental or social behavior can be very damaging. Sustainability is a key element of organisational risk management and needs to be part of the core learning and personal development programme for everyone.

BRE has a long and established reputation for helping businesses to achieve their sustainability goals. This comprehensive course has been developed by BRE experts and provides a valuable insight into this potentially complex area.

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What do we cover?

The course is modular with learning presented in manageable chunks. We aim to give you a good grounding in the principles of sustainability so you are better equipped to address the challenges you face in your professional activities.

  • What is sustainability and how has the concept evolved? - Definitions and timeline
  • Resource consumption, availability and limitations
  • Major impacts – the environmental, social and economic consequences of:
    • Climate change
    • Population
    • Biodiversity
    • Transport
  • Models of sustainability
  • Compliance, Legislation and Regulation
  • Responses
    • Social Sustainability
    • Mitigation / Adaptation
    • Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Renewables

Each module includes a video presentation with supporting notes. There are lots of references and suggestions for further reading if you want to go into more depth on particular issues.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered through BRE’s online learning management system. Take the course at a time and place of your choosing – anywhere that you have access to broadband internet. No day’s away from the workplace or need to travel to a training venue – a small, but useful opportunity to reduce your environmental impact. The course includes about 10 hours of learning but you set your own pace.

The course concludes with a multiple choice assessment and has an award of 8 hours CPD.

How much does it cost?

BRE's high quality online learning is a very cost-effective solution for individuals and corporates alike.

Individual access to the course is only £95 + VAT 

But why not buy a multi-user licence so all your staff can benefit from this key area of learning? Please get in touch if you wish to discuss this option.

NB: You will have 90 days from receipt of your login details to complete the course.

What else do you offer in this area?

We have a range of courses related to sustainability that will build on the knowledge you gain from this programme.

Please visit:http://www.bre.co.uk/training

Once you have achieved a good grounding in the principles of sustainability you may wish to develop your sustainability leadership skills. BRE’s course “Leadership in Sustainability” provides a natural progression for those wanting to develop their skills in this vital area of business.

For more information:
BRE Academy
+44 (0) 333 321 88 11

Online price 95.00 per person , plus VAT.