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The Power of Partnership and Collaboration

6 February 2017
BRE Academy, Watford
Online price £250.00 per person , plus VAT.

1 day workshop

How to influence without authority to achieve Win Win results

Details :

The power of a Partnership and Collaboration. A one day intensive workout to shift your mindset on ways to collaborate and influence. You will receive the tools, skills and practise to sustain a change in how you work with others to achieve Win Win results.

The workplace is changing. Globalisation, technology, matrix management and cross functional working, demand a greater need for partnership to get things done. Yet too often teams and projects stagnate, when “collaboration” requires one party to sacrifice or compromise on their goals, leading to conflict and breakdown of trust.  A fundamental skill in this environment is the ability to create successful partnerships with other professionals with whom you need to influence, but have no formal power over".

Event programme

During this highly interactive skills workshop we will help you:

  • Redefine partnership and learn what Win Win positions look like
  • Undertake a network and stakeholder mapping exercise
  • Learn the influencing process and practise using tools to engage others
  • Explore the behaviours and skills that will make you more influential when building partnerships
  • Learn how to handle conflict in a team and in one to one situations.

Key themes of the Day

  • Session 1. The benefits of partnership. Redefine Win Win, through exploring positions of influence.
  • Session 2. Understand personal barriers that prevent you from building influential partnerships. Review pre-work.
  • Session 3. Begin stakeholder/network mapping of existing and new potential allies, dissenters/resisters/ blockers and learn how to overcome potential resistance.
  • Session 4. Learn the process for Influencing, Key Principles, the Push-Pull model.
  • Session 5. Use Planning templates to plan and then practise the model in a Team Situation.
  • Session 6. Assess shared and divergent interests and understand "what’s in it for you/for me” to build negotiation and collaboration. Learn key behaviours and skills to build assertive communication and influence – Learn how to handle conflict.
  • Session 7. Putting it all together – Practise one to one influencing in a “real play”, using personal examples.
  • Session 8. Action Planning – share commitments and enlist ongoing peer feedback to sustain change. 

This workshop will explore a range of theory and practical activities, aimed at helping you understand the benefits of partnership and how to influence without authority.  The practical activities will provide an opportunity for real time feedback, which you can incorporate into future action or development plans.

For more information:
BRE Academy
+44 (0)333 321 88 11

Online price £250.00 per person , plus VAT.