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Environmental Technologies Verification

Are you a technology company developing eco-innovations?

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a new tool to help innovative environmental technologies reach the market. 

Unfortunately, an innovative technology that performs well above normal standards or that presents an novel approach to solving an environmental problem can face difficulties in penetrating the market due to lack of independent and credible evidence of its capabilities. The result is that many groundbreaking products that can benefit the environment are struggling to get the recognition and success they deserve simply because they are new and have no independent confirmation of their performance.


An updated version of the ETV General Verification Protocol (GVP) has now been published and can be downloaded by clicking the 'ETV General Verification Protocol' link in the Downloads panel. The GVP is the technical reference document describing the procedures guiding the ETV process and the requirements for the different organisations taking part in it. BRE Global contributed to the preparation of this new version of the GVP which clarifies some testing and quality management requirements.

Engaging with environmental innovators - BRE Global's ETV scheme - on BRE Buzz

Where ETV could help

For technology producers ETV provides an accredited process which enables performance claims for innovative environmental technologies to be verified by qualified third parties called 'Verification Bodies'. The 'Statement of Verification' delivered by the Verification Body at the end of the ETV process provides independent confirmation that the performance of the innovative product has been tested and found to be both credible and scientifically sound.

ETV also provides impartial and credible confirmation of performance for technology purchasers and investors committed to finding the best solution for their situation, but often faced with incomplete, non-comparable or non-trustworthy performance data.

ETV not a certification scheme or quality label, but does ensure that technology owners claims are credible and as structured and complete as possible so as to present a clear assessment of the entire technology's potential and value.

The output from the ETV process is provided in the form of a Statement of Verification which facilitates direct and objective comparison between different technologies reducing the risk to purchasers and investors of new technologies.

ETV results may also be used to prove compliance with any relevant legislation, to underpin a bid in public tendering, to convince investors or customers of the reliability of performance claims and to avoid having to repeat demonstrations for different users.

BRE Global and ETV

BRE Global’s Environmental Technology Verification programme offers a step by step, risk managed, approach for the performance verification of cutting edge environmental technologies that may otherwise struggle to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive and crowded market. 

To register your interest in ETV or find out more e-mail us at etv@bre.co.uk

How It Works

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