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Joining information Energy Performance Certificates in Scotland

BRE EPC Schemes for Existing and New Buildings in Scotland 
(Domestic & Non-Domestic)



EPC Schemes for Existing Buildings - Scotland

New Entrants to the BRE EPC Schemes for existing buildings will be required to offer appropriate evidence of competence.

Domestic applicants must have or attain the the full DEA standard for entry to the Domestic EPC Scheme for existing buildings.

Non Domestic applicants must have or attain the full NDEA for entry to the Non - Domestic EPC Scheme for existing buildings.


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Applications for the BRE Existing or New Build EPC Schemes (Domestic or Non Domestic) can be made using the application process detailed below.

EPC Scheme membership is a requirement to be a Green Deal Advisor

The application process has been developed by BRE to be as straightforward as possible.  There a few steps involved, which are described here and set out in the table below. Please note, that applications to the Scheme are accepted on the following basis: The applicant has read and agrees to be bound by the:

  • Terms of conditions
  • Code of conduct

Domestic applicants must agree to provide the EPC Scheme with a recent copy of their Basic Disclosure Scotland Certificate with their application or they will not be listed on the EPC Register. (Certificate must be no older than 3 months from date of application for EPC membership). Please note, the application fee is non-returnable. This is non negotiable and submission of an application is deemed to be acceptance of this condition.

Please follow the steps in the table below to apply for membership of the EPC Scheme


EPC Schemes – Membership Application Process



Outcome options








  • Complete and submit membership application form.
  • State which Scheme(s) you wish to join.
  • Send to BRE with enclosures & fees.


  • Accept and progress membership application.
  • Reject application.
  • Update applicant.


  • Incomplete applications are not assessed.





    BRE will conduct a training needs
    assessment and offer signposting to
    recommended training courses.


  • Application accepted
  • Appropriate and relevant training course(s) will be recommended based on identified needs.


  • Training is based on information offered in the application form.



    Applicant to book recommended training


  • Training should be booked
    (charges apply)


    • Training completed
    • Portfolio Assessment commences



  Applicant submits evidence that DEA or
  NDEA standard has been achieved (copy 


  • Training provider  will provide diploma following successful completion of appropriate training and assessment.



   Applicant informed of outcome of
   membership application - if successful,
   authority to issue EPCs is confirmed for
   class of membership awarded.


  • Assessment achieves standard for membership
  • Assessment fails to achieve standard for membership




   Annual membership renewal is needed to
   retain authority to issue EPCs.


  The Scheme will
  renewals one
  month before


   Each EPC issued incurs a BRE Certificate
   fee, an EST lodgement fee and VAT on
   the entire transaction cost.



  See fee sheet



   EPC activity audit – bi-annual sample of
   EPC production in accordance with 
   requirements of E.P.B.D.

   EPC production will be

  EPC accuracy
  targets must be
  met and 
  maintained as a
  condition of

Training Packages are available for
EPC memberships for New and Existing Buildings in Scotland

Note: Separate charges apply for training. Please allow 28 working days to process compliant membership applications. Failure to pay fees due to the Scheme may result in suspension or cancellation of membership.

N.B. Membership is offered on the basis of an annual fee, no refund of part used membership is available or reduced term offered.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland fast track applicants* are required to submit a fully compliant application form and provide their own insurance for Scottish Scheme membership.

*Fast track option  for Scotland is only available for E & W applicants with at least three months membership or have lodged a minimum of three EPCs in E & W.