BRE: SAP Conventions v5.0 - 1st October 2013

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SAP Conventions v5.0 - 1st October 2013

As part of the on-going work to standardise data collection, and to ensure a uniformity of approach that will assist On-construction Accreditation Schemes and Energy Assessors, please find below the latest set of SAP EPC technical conventions released by DCLG for England & Wales.

DCLG Letter September 2013

SAP Conventions v5.0- September 2013  

SAP2009 Appendix K (amendment)


These updated conventions must be applied by all Schemes by 1st October 2013. The conventions will be included in future quality assurance checks thereafter. Any EPCs lodged after the implementation date must, therefore, follow these conventions.

The conventions are designed to improve the quality and accuracy of SAP Energy Performance Certificates. The conventions will, therefore, supersede any previous assessment process and previously published guidance. With this in mind, further conventions are being developed and will be released in stages.