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The Green Deal Explained

The Green Deal has four main objectives:

  • To provide accredited advice and recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes
  • Improve the energy efficiency at no upfront cost to the homeowner
  • To provide reassurance that improvements will be executed to the highest standards
  • To allow repayments to be made through energy bills, with the opportunity of switching supplier at any time

The key aspect here is that the Green Deal opens up energy efficiency measures to everyone, regardless of their financial standing, as there is no upfront cost involved.

“What is it?” “How will it work?” and “How do I get involved?”

BRE Global have designed this website to answer these questions, and many more, to provide the smoothest journey possible through the process of accessing the Green Deal.  

For an in-depth overview of the Green Deal, please download our Green Deal Guide  (click on image to download):

 Green Deal Guide - The Green Deal Explained

The Green Deal Provider journey for organisations (click to enlarge)