Leadership and Management training


BRE Academy offers bespoke leadership and management training packages. The three core programmes we can tailor to suit your specific needs are:

  1. Senior Leadership Programme: “Developing Excellence”
  2. Driving Performance Through People: “Managing for Success”
  3. Future Leaders Programme: “Step Up to People Management”

Why BRE Academy?

BRE is renowned for leadership in the built environment and sustainability. BRE Academy has taken the lessons learned from BRE to produce management and leadership which is not only at the cutting edge of academia, but has also been tried and tested in the built environment sector.

Every organisation is individual. Therefore managerial and leadership training needs to be customised. We have core content and a variety of delivery methods but every programme is tailored to truly suit your organisational needs.

How do the programmes work?

The programmes use a variety of techniques and approaches tailored to your specific requirements. Our programmes are not just a case of turning up to a course for a few days, we work with participants over a prolonged period to ensure that they understand and effectively implement what they have learned

How much does it cost?

As each programme is bespoke prices will vary dependant on your specific requirements. To discuss your business needs, please send us an email and we will get in touch.